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Attending an event

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do so by locating the attendee under the "Orders" section by name, email or order number. Select "Resend Tickets" from the menu and the ticket will be resent to the previous email.
While creating events is free, we take a small percentage of each ticket sale to cover processing and ticketing fees. The exact amount depends on the ticket price, and will be calculated once you create your event. In addition, you get the flexibility to absorb or pass on fees.
We want to help make tracking the success of your event as easy as possible. There are two key areas you can find stats on how your event did. 1. The “Dashboard” 2. Event Reports
We have an organizer mobile app that helps you scan in and validate attendees into your event. The AdmitONE Manager app is supported on both iOS and Android.
Life happens, we get it! If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, refunds will be available for the entire purchase. You just need to notify your guests of the change of plans, and then refunds will be issued.
Yes, once your guests successfully register for your event they’ll be emailed their tickets which can be scanned on the date of the event.
Your guests pay directly through our platform using any major credit card. Event payouts are automatically generated 48 hours after an event takes place and will be directly deposited into your account 4-10 business days after the event ends.
Yes! As long as the event is public and without a guest list, you’re more than welcome to attend. And hey, you might even make a new friend!
It’s up to you! When creating your event, you have the option to either make it private or public, and to invite specific people or keep it open.
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, American Express and Mastercard).

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