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Product Updates

Feature Update

Customize Order View for Ticket Types

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature—the ability to customize the order view of Ticket Types for web checkout. This feature provides event organizers with more control over the ticket purchasing experience and streamlining the checkout process.

How to Use:

  1. Navigate to your event dashboard.
  2. Select the 'Ticket Types' tab.
  3. Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange ticket types.
  4. Save your changes.

Key Features:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Easily rearrange the order of ticket types using a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface in the Tickets step in Event Manager
  2. Preview Mode: Preview the ticket order as it will appear to attendees before having to finalize the entire event.
  3. Save and Edit Functionality: Make adjustments to the ticket order as needed, with changes being saved on the Orders Summary page and web checkout.


  • Increased Sales Efficiency: Position popular or high-priority ticket types more prominently to drive sales.
  • Greater Control: Tailor the checkout process to match the unique structure and needs of your event.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Customize the ticketing experience to guide customers through a intuitive purchase flow.

November 2023

Event Manager
Feature Update

Minimum and Maximum Ticket Quantities

In this release, we have introduced a highly requested feature that will provide organizers with greater control and flexibility over their ticket sales: the ability to set minimum and maximum ticket quantities for each event at a ticket type level.

How to use:

  1. When creating or editing an event, navigate to the ticket creation page.
  2. For each ticket type, you can now specify the min and max number of tickets an attendee must purchase. Note: The ticket maximum for purchase per order remains at 10
  3. Save your changes, and your event will now enforce the specified min and max ticket quantity during the purchase process.

Key benefits:

Enhanced Flexibility: Event organizers can tailor ticket sales to match their event's specific requirements, accommodating both small and large groups of attendees.

Reduced Ticket Scalping: Setting maximum ticket quantities helps combat scalping and ensures that tickets are distributed fairly.

Improved Event Planning: Organizers can better forecast attendance, plan resources, and create a more enjoyable event experience for all participants.

October 2023

Event Manager
product updates
New Launch

AdmitONE Manager Mobile App for Android

We are incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of our AdmitONE Community app on Android. Version 1.18.0 of the “AdmitONE Manager” for Community is now available on the Google Play Store! By popular demand, the new app brings feature parity to both android and iOS users with enhanced performance.

Key features: Scan and validate attendees: Simplify the attendee check-in process. Using your mobile device's camera, you can quickly scan and validate attendee tickets, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry experience.

Ticket Sales On-the-Go: Sell tickets directly from your mobile app, whether it's on-site or remotely. You've got the flexibility to choose your method of payment, issue digital tickets, and provide instant confirmation to your attendees, all within the app.

Orders validation: Verify and manage orders with ease. Keep track of attendees' orders and monitor your sales all in one place.

If you are an Android user, be sure to download our new App today!

AdmitONE Manager

September 2023

Mobile app(Andriod)
New Launch

Launch of the New Event Manager Platform

This summer, the AdmitONE team been working hard behind the scenes to bring to life some significant product upgrades. As you dive into the new platform, you'll be greeted by a host of new features, a refreshed interface, and several improvements aimed at making event building as seamless as possible. This will truly be a game changer for all our value organizers.

New features:

  • Enhanced sales reporting and tracking dashboard
  • Additional marketing capabilities
  • Event page customization with images and videos
  • Download printed tickets
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Timed entry tickets

Plus so much more!

September 2023

Event Manager
Feature Update

Duplicate Events

In this version we are excited to share that we have launched a highly demanded feature…the ability to duplicate events! With this new addition, organizers can now duplicate existing events quickly and effortlessly, saving valuable time and effort in event creation.

Key Benefits: Effortless event duplication: No need to manually recreate all the event details and settings from scratch; simply duplicate an existing event and make necessary modifications as desired.

Time Saving: By eliminating the need to recreate event structures, ticket types, dates, times, and other essential details, the feature significantly reduces the time required for event setup.

Consistency: When an event is duplicated, all essential event elements, including ticket types, event descriptions, and images are replicated in the new event. This ensures consistency across events and minimizes the possibility of errors during the duplication process.

How to Use:

  1. Locate event that you would like to duplicate from the “My Events” page
  2. Select the option for “Duplicate Event” from the drop down menu.
  3. Review and modify any basic event details including description, date and time.
  4. Click save and the event will appear as “Draft”. Once all Event Creation steps has been reviewed select “Go Live” and you’re good to go!

August 2023