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Help / Organizer / Creating an Event

Creating an Event

  1. Sign into your AdmitONE Community account

  2. Select “Create Event” from the top navigation bar

  3. Fill in all required information on the “Basic Information” step. This includes the event name, event description, category, date, time, location, and visibility.

  4. Select an image to upload as your event cover. This will show up on your event page and at the checkout for your attendees. If no image is selected, a default one will be assigned.

Minimum image size: 1024x1024
File types supported: PNG, JPG or GIF (max. 3MB)

  1. Select “Add Ticket Types” to create different types of ticket to your event. You can choose from both free and paid tickets and set prices for all tickets here. You must add at least one to publish your event live.

Note: For paid tickets please ensure your payout details are included and up to date. You can find this by selecting “Payment” from your profile drop down menu.

  1. Once you have reviewed event details, select “Go Live” to publish your event. It’s that easy!

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